Torture tactics go beyond the CIA

Phillips broadcast a radio feature for Reveal, from The Center for Investigative Reporting, about an Army medic who tried to report abuse and torture, and its devastating impact on him (expanding upon one of the core figures in the book). Click  the clip below to listen to the full feature:

What Killed Sergeant Gray

American RadioWorks investigates the mysterious death of an Iraq War veteran and uncovers new allegations of detainee abuse. This powerful documentary follows members of a U.S. Army unit and their struggle to come to terms with what they did, and didn’t do, in Iraq.

Updated Jan. 2010 version:

Download the radio program, listen online, or read the transcript.

BBC feature on Jonathan Millantz

The BBC premiere of Americana featured the life of Jonathan Millantz, an Army combat medic who served with Battalion 1-68.  Millantz protested the prisoner abuse and torture he saw during his tour in Iraq, and described how it haunted him during his return home.  The Radio 4 feature was broadcast on May 31, 2009, and is followed by a powerful interview with noted PTSD expert Dr. Jonathan Shay, author of  Achilles in Vietnam.



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